Dealing with Anger


Hi everyone. I haven’t written in a while, I’ve been kinda busy putting my energy into other projects, like my driving test(s) and A-levels. Although it’s nice being busy, I’ve found I haven’t had much time to just spend with myself – time to meditate, reflect and understand. I feel writing is a form of mediation, where I can focus on the now and reflect upon thoughts and feelings. Not having time for this can be bad and can get you in a rut.


You can lose sight of your goals and thus you wont manifest them… That’s not so good. But that’s why I’m writing this, here, today, in the moment.

I used to get angry a lot. I still get angry to this very day. It’s normal to get angry –  it’s just another feeling in the spectrum of consciousness. Maybe someone was rude to you, or something didn’t go your way. Oh no. Shame! Poor you. Bummer.

In hindsight, all of the things you have got angry over in the past may seem rather trivial now. I got annoyed because my sister wore my trousers that I have worn about once. That’s kinda stupid. Which is OK. It happens when we aren’t feeling grateful for all we have in life! It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate what you have, you just need to acknowledge it – write it in a diary or say it in your head.

“I’m grateful for my family”

“I’m grateful for trees”

“I’m grateful for my education”

“I’m grateful for my body”

Being grateful for the most simple things in life is the best place to start. I’m so grateful for my body, even if I’m 10lb heavier than I’d like to be, or my bum isn’t amazingly big and plump or whatever. My body takes me everywhere and holds my soul. My body takes me travelling around the world to see all of the world’s beauty. So does yours! Love your body. Be grateful for it. Bath is, feed it healthy plants, exercise it. It’ll love you back.

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