I once saw being alone as a form of self isolation. Yet now, when I am alone with myself, it is a moment that I treasure and aim to make the most of it. Being alone, for me, is a time where I get to regenerate myself and prepare myself. I once thought being alone was totally unappealing, and now it is something I sometimes crave.

Being alone is far too often frowned upon and if you are alone you are deemed as lonely. But for me, this is far from the truth. I believe this is most people’s truth, that they love to be alone and that it is truly good for you. However, people are too afraid to admit it. When you are alone you can think your thoughts without any external judgements. You can simply be you. And you are authentic and that is amazing.


Being with yourself and spending time with yourself allows you to grow and this is so important for your mental wellbeing. Spend some time with yourself to feel yourself and understand yourself. Understand what kinds of foods you need to eat to make you happy. Understand what rituals you need to undergo to find peace and spirituality. Meditate, do some yoga, go to the gym, read a book!

No one has time to do these self-help actives all day everyday. So it is up to you to find time in your busy schedule to make time for yourself like you would for a friend. Make some time, even if it just 15 minutes out of your 12 hour day. And in those 15 minutes you can find peace and solace. Whether it be through meditation or just being mindful during a daily activity or chore such as driving, cooking or even just walking.


In these times that you are alone, remember to think about how grateful you are. How grateful you are to be alive at this very moment in time, surrounded by love and happiness. Perhaps you are grateful for the food you have just bought, or the clean water you are able to drink and wash yourself with. Maybe you are simply grateful that the sun rises and falls every single day without fail. Remember to be grateful.Β I was talking to my neighbour a few weeks ago. I told him that my friends often complain about the aeroplanes at my house, always flying overhead every 10-15 minutes. He told me that he was simply grateful that we even had aeroplanes, otherwise we’d be stuck on this island called the United Kingdom. And in that moment, I too felt grateful that we had aeroplanes!

I hope you are able to find some peace or solace in your day today, whether you are on holiday in a beautiful country, or if you are going through a tough time in this current moment in time. Everything is temporary and you are are going to be ok. Out of every struggle occurs an achievement that you can be proud of, whether it be simply being able to come out of that struggle, or maybe you gained a skill or an experience. Share with me how you feel about being alone, is it a good or a bad experience for you?

For anyone going through a difficult time who just needs some comfort or advice, please contact me on social media or email me:

I’d love to talk to you! πŸ™‚


– Juliet xx


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