Las Vegas


23 July


On the 23 July I departed from London to make my flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. The 10 hour flight was full of a mixture of excitement and boredom. With little room to walk around and move my legs, I got up to go to the bathroom almost 10 times for some sort of exercise. When I arrived I was hit with the forty-four degree heat, something I wasn’t used to in rainy England. We got into a taxi to our hotel and met our first taxi driver who was telling us about conspiracies in the UK and USA. This made for a slightly strange and low start that we quickly got over. It just showed me the scepticism of the government that is developing amongst Westerners. Once at the hotel, I couldn’t stay awake for much longer, and so I fell asleep almost instantaneously. Plus, I was so jet lagged and the Trump hotel was so intense and smelt like bleach so I just wanted to go to sleep. It was a nice hotel though because there wasn’t a casino (The only reason we chose to stay there).


24 July


Monday morning started with an early 6:30am start because my body clock was still in England. I had some vegan oatmeal with almond milk from my hotel and headed out to explore the infamous Las Vegas that I had heard so much about from the media and my friends back in England. I entered with an open mind, not knowing what to really expect from this crazy place, that was quite the opposite to my small village in England. We started walking through the shopping malls, some a part of hotels, such as the Wynn hotel. This hotel had a huge shopping mall full of luxury brands, and a couple of casinos. Many of the people I spoke to told me they had grown up in Las Vegas, which was crazy to me. I can’t image how different their upbringing must have been compared to mine, with such a different culture. One thing I noticed whilst walking around the malls was the sheer amount of money that was coming into Las Vegas. With at least ten luxury stores accessible in every mall that I went to. I really got the impression that money was at the epicentre of Vegas, and without money it wouldn’t be much more than a regular city.


Vegas is not the place to go if you are on a budget, which I discovered after spending $80 on a breakfast for four people. These kind of ridiculous prices on essential goods take its toll, which I saw for myself. Walking through the luxurious Wynn mall I saw homeless people who were often disabled, elderly or an army veterans.


I was lucky enough to find a vegan restaurant in downtown Vegas called Vegenation (I highly recommend if you are in the area). I had some beautiful vegan food here that my whole family was able to enjoy. The vibe there was awesome and the waiters were so helpful and kind. It felt good to see the vegan community of Las Vegas, in the more humble down town area. The waiter kindly introduced me to uber where i got my first ride which was awesome and so much cheaper than regular taxis. I love Vegenation. ❤


25 July


Our second last day in Vegas, we got the tram to various casinos and walked down the strip. It was vibrant but also felt slightly superficial and wasn’t really my sort of scene, albeit a cool experience. I really preferred down town Vegas because it felt real and less plastic. Our helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon was cancelled due to bad weather which was disappointing. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. Down town Vegas was so much more authentic, and a cool experience that I wouldn’t want to miss when visiting Vegas for the first time.


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