Courage and New Beginnings

It’s 1AM on a Tuesday morning, I should be asleep but I am here writing in all honest authenticity.

I wish I knew the answers and the keys to success. I almost wish there was a code or a structure, like there is to an essay. But there isn’t, as I have learned from reading Osho’s writings in “Courage”. Without the code or structure, there is uncertainty, and thus there is fear. But the uncertainty is a luxury, you areΒ free to do what you please. If you were certain of what was to become of you, what would be the point of your life? Nobody is certain, not in real life.

Freedom brings fear and you must move regardless of your fears into your success. Fears cannot stall your progression or you will always remain the same low vibrational human being – never reaching your full potential. This is all too easy for me to say, the hardest part it to actually do it, which is something I am learning day by day. It’s a fight I initiate with myself everyday – to act regardless of my petty egotistical fears that reside in my personality and very being.


New beginnings are the perfect time for acts of courage. The start of a new week, the chance to make this week empowered and productive. To get you closer to manifesting your goal, your dream. New beginnings are difficult, they require a lot of effort and energy from you. And when you are tired, you know that you are growing, and that you are the beneficiary of that hard work you put into yourself. I hope I can spread positivity this week upon others as a projection of my own positivity and manifestation towards my own goals. I hope that I can inspire others and attract others with the same goals as me. And I hope that everyone has a positive week.

This post is kinda informal, it’s gone 1AM and I didn’t spend long, I just had thoughts and feelings on my mind I wanted to get down.


Thank you for reading, I’d love to hear from you.

Juliet (Instagram: julietmorri.s)


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